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How to convince a partner to try something new

Your life cannot be called completely boring, but this is not the firework that was at the beginning of the relationship. Perhaps the relationship for you has become a routine

Your life cannot be called completely boring, but this is not the firework that was at the beginning of the relationship. Perhaps the relationship for you has become a routine. But even if not, you feel that everything is on track. You may dream of trying something new to bring back the sharpness and freshness of your feelings, but you are not sure how your partner will respond to your proposal.

This article will help you deal with a solution to a problem. Sometimes it’s not easy to convince your partner to try something new. Maybe you want to offer him to meet swingers or buy a new spicy toy. The main thing is to be patient and inventive.

By saying that you want changes in any aspect of your family relationship, you run the risk. You may be afraid that your partner will think that you are not satisfied more than it really is. You may be wary of being bizarre. All these are well-founded fears.

But, on the other hand, you are eager to try something new. How to arrange it? Perhaps easier than you think.

Try something new outside the bedroom

When people feel ready to try something new outside the bedroom, they tend to become a little more open for experimentation in it. Offer to go to a new restaurant, make a new walking route, sign up for golf courses or make redecorating. Maintain a playful mood. Treat these injections of novelty as an experiment. Many experiments fail. This is normal. So it’s okay if you or your partner don’t like the new restaurant or anything else.

What matters is a mutual desire to continue experimenting and to experience new sensations together. Innovation does not have to be massive. When you try to convince your partner of the delights of experiments, even the smallest changes are significant steps in the right direction. Be patient and try to maintain a sense of humor.

If your beloved is a real conservative, you can, paradoxically, use it to encourage experiments. Many of such people are not so much averse of changes as they like what they are familiar with. If you want your partner to experiment more, try to gently point out that innovations will help to value more things that are tested by time.

Other ways to begin experiments

In addition to the above, there are other ways to push a partner to experiments:

  •        Date-surprises - here are the rules: one of you takes full responsibility for scheduling a date and keeps everything secret until you leave home. Another agrees to participate in this. This will strengthen the feeling of trust and maybe after that your partner will agree to visit top swinger couple sites to continue the experimenters.
  •        Birthdays, Anniversaries, Valentine's Day - after you introduce the idea of constant experimentation, dates of particular importance to both of you will be great opportunities for its further implementation.
  •        Use hotels to change your home environment - the situation is very closely connected with the willingness to experiment. This is why many couples discover that romantic trips markedly improve their family life. There is nothing in the hotel rooms that reminds you of all your responsibilities, home or work.

Держись заглавья Кругозор!.. Наум Коржавин