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EXANTE founded by Alexey Kirienko: trading professionally

Trading on the exchange can’t be called a hobby because without constant analysis, monitoring the stock market and obtaining new knowledge, the necessary experience can’t be gained.

The result depends on hard work, market research, trade planning, the ability to adapt to new circumstances and most importantly, discipline.

Even if you are dealing with such EXANTE started by Anatoly Knyazev, you need to avoid a light-minded approach to trading stocks. On the contrary, you require treating it like a business. Trading on the stock exchange implies risks, expenses, losses and a great deal of uncertainty. So, the main secret of successful trading is a competent strategy.

Make a trading plan

As mentioned above, discipline is one of the most important things in working on the exchange, and you need to follow your plan without hesitation. If you conclude transactions contrary to it, this way you will just demonstrate your lack of professionalism. As a rule, due to deviations from the trading plan, unprofitable transactions are made. Unfortunately, novice traders are often driven by emotions or simply greed. Take risks that you can afford to lose. That’s how you can succeed in trading with EXANTE founded by Knyazev

Mind your risks

Since trading is a rather risky way to earn money, investing in it your last money can hardly be found the smartest solution.

That is why you need to invest what you can lose without serious consequences. If you bet everything, then emotions cannot be avoided, and they are followed by the opportunity to make the wrong decision.

At the same time, it is important to assess your own risk tolerance and develop the correct attitude to losses. Not all traders are able to close each trade profitably. As follows from this, losses are inevitable. The right attitude to losses and analysis of the market situation will help you not to make a mistake or close the deal on time. Keep viewing this EXANTE broker review to discover more on the subject.

Analyze the market on your own

You can currently find a huge amount of information as well as trading practices in the network. However, using them all is not true because not all of them really work.

Therefore, when trading with the EXANTE broker, you should independently analyze the market. Of course, you can use someone else’s experience in drawing up your plan, but copying it completely isn’t a worthy thing.

Another important thing in the analysis of the market situation is the entry and exit points that should be determined in advance. Technical analysis can help a lot. Most professional traders are assured that exactly the exit point matters and is the cornerstone of the success of the transaction.

Key stock trading principles

There are only two significant reasons to suspend trade. The first is large losses from your total capital due to the inefficiency of the chosen strategy. In this case, it is worth revising the approach to trading, making a bunch of necessary adjustments, and once again analyzing the market.

The second reason is the inefficiency of the trader. There can be many reasons for this. For example, one can mention excessive emotions, stress, poor health, but most often it’s a terrible lack of discipline.

Even an ideal strategy will not bring the proper result if you do not stick to the trading plan. In this case, it is worth completely change your approach to trading. If you are unable to cope with it on your own, then you’d better either cease trading or automate this process.

Stick with the proper broker

With a 9-year experience of working on the stock market, the EXANTE brokerage company is an optimal choice for many traders. However, you need to take into account such a crucial fact that this broker focuses on experienced traders. You will realize it once you see their initial deposit. It’s quite large – 10,000 euros for an individual. On the other hand, with this amount, you will have a greater opportunity to earn more, which is impossible when dealing with cent trading accounts. 

The EXANTE broker is also known for its outstanding trading terminal. It was developed by the company on its own. It comes with a Drag-n-Drop feature that enables traders to easily customize their working environment.

Those who start working with this broker can count on 100,000 assets. It’s a mind-blowing choice, isn’t it? Furthermore, you can trade them using a single account that is very convenient.  

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