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How to Store Vinyl Records?



Vinyl records look classy, deliver a unique quality of sound and evoke special emotions with people. Many music lovers purchase albums of their beloved artists in this format to keep them as a souvenir. But is it really necessary to buy a vinyl record holder http://top-choice.shop/vinyl-record-holder to store your collection? Yes, an LP storage can become a stylish addition to your interior. But why not just stack the records on a shelf?

If you stack vinyl, you might damage it beyond repair. The weight of the records that lie on top of the pile might warp the ones that lie at the bottom. There might be cracks or scuff marks. Even if you keep the records in their jackets, it will not guarantee their safety. To prolong their service life, you should better buy a beautiful and convenient vinyl record storage.

3 reasons to buy a vinyl record holder

First, you will be able to find the necessary record in just a few seconds. If it were a stack, you would have to sort through it all to get to the right item.

Second, record storage furniture keeps your collection in an upright position. It prevents slants and warping. For a large collection, it would be wise to use crate dividers. If you have a couple of dozens of records, you can do without the dividers.

Thirdly, a record holder for albums is probably the best way to keep your collection clean. You should keep it away from dust and dirt — otherwise, the quality of sound might deteriorate. Consider purchasing a special cleaning brush for the surface of the record: hold it on the vinyl while slowly spinning the album. Avoid using cloth for cleaning, let alone your own t-shirt. No matter how soft the textile is, its fibers might scratch the vinyl. Plus, you might want to buy a special spray for your records. You should apply it only on the vinyl but not on the record label. When cleaning the collection with the spray, you can use a microfiber cloth as an exception, making a circular motion. If you repeat the cleaning procedure every six months, the records will keep looking almost brand new and the quality of sound will be top-notch.

To sum it up: if you are serious about your music collection, consider buying a vinyl storage rack http://top-choice.shop. It occupies minimum space in the room, it is lightweight and easy to clean. Also, your vinyl shelf can double as a magazine or book storage. If your friends do not know what to purchase for your birthday, tell them that you need vinyl records decor — it will be an amazing gift.

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