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How do I write a CV with no work experience?

Writing a CV without any work experience is a daunting task that every graduate faces. We'll tell you how to do it properly and what points you should take into account.

When applying for a job, a CV is a compulsory document. It requires special attention, care and attention to detail, because it is through the provision of this document that the employer will judge the applicant as a professional and an individual. It is not unusual for difficulties to encounter when writing a resume. The most common difficulties are encountered by young professionals, recent university graduates and people who have decided to change their profession and have no relevant work experience. This is where resume writing services online come in handy! But if you decide to try writing a CV yourself, read the tips below.

Basic rules of drafting

Writing a CV without any work experience is a daunting task that every graduate faces. We'll tell you how to do it properly and what points you should take into account.

Follow the grammatical rules

For your CV to be taken seriously by an employer, you must ensure that it is free from punctuation, grammar, spelling, lexical, stylistic and any other errors. Therefore, you should read the document carefully several times before sending it to your employer. If possible, ask close family or friends to help you.

In addition, today, there are many programs and applications that can check if the text is spelled correctly. Your resume should be grammatically perfect.


Another essential rule of writing a resume for a job application is to keep the length of the document. The general consensus in the business community is that a one-page resume is best (a two-page resume may be acceptable in special cases). You should keep your CV as short as possible without overloading it with unnecessary and irrelevant information for the employer.

Business letter style

All business documents have one thing in common: they are written in an official business style. That means that the language of your letter should be as clear and simple as possible, and you should not use any ambiguous phrases or expressions as well as any other tricks of artistic writing. It is also forbidden to use colloquial and colloquial words.

Clear structure

A resume is a document that should be clearly and understandably structured. You will usually write your resume in several sections, each with its own subtitle. You may also use bullets or numbered lists for ease of reference.

Neat design

Depending on the job, you may have very different requirements for the layout of your resume. For example, for a corporate job, a resume should be minimalist and not use any bright colours or extra elements. On the other hand, any creative jobs allow you to be creative and original.

Showing your personality

Employers report that when looking for the right candidate for a particular position, they receive a large number of identical CVs. Not only do such job seekers not stand out from the crowd, but they also do not get the position they want. The thing is that thanks to constantly evolving technology, today you can find a sample resume for any professional on the internet. Therefore, many job seekers simply copy such templates and send them to the employer.

This tactic is misguided. Your CV is a reflection of you not only as a professional but also as a person. It is therefore very important that the recruitment document is personalised.

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