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How to Unlearn a Profession WoW Classic

Professions play an important role in WoW Classic level boost and its in-game economy. Leveling them up, finding recipes and materials for crafting professions, and seeking out nodes for gathering can be a very time-consuming activity. However, it comes with a rich pay-off in the form of consumables, gear, and items you could sell for gold. Given their impact on player experience, it is best to choose your professions carefully. After all, you only have two primary profession slots. However, sometimes you will want to change your choices, and that means unlearning them to free up the slots. This article discusses how to do that and why.


How to Unlearn Your Profession

Here is how you can unlearn a profession:

  • Open your character’s Skills tab by pressing K (by default) or through the character information screen;
  • Click the small red and yellow button to the right of the profession’s skill bar;
  • Confirm your decision in the dialog box.

You should consider this decision carefully before you make it. Although there is no cost in Gold or other resources, you would lose all your progress in that profession, including all skill points and recipes. The only thing you will retain is your specialization, if you have one. If you ever decide to return to this profession, you will have to start over from zero. That can be a gruelling process, even for a high-level character. Getting skill points and recipes back will cost you both time and resources. Naturally, any new profession you may pick up after freeing this slot will have to be levelled up from scratch as well.


How to Switch Specializations

Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, and Engineering are the only professions in Classic Era that have specializations. Those professional branches allow players that have reached a sufficient level of mastery in a profession to learn exclusive recipes and craft different types of items. Changing your specialization is possible, but it is harder than just changing the profession. After unlearning the profession, you will have to level it up again to reach the point at which the specialization was offered. Then, you will need to find Soothsaying for Dummies, a book in Narain Soothfancy’s hut in Tanaris. It will let you switch for free and without repeating any specialization-related quests.

Why Unlearn Professions

Considering how much time and effort goes into leveling up professional skills, especially in Classic Era, unlearning them can seem like a bad decision. Very often, it is the result of players choosing professions without understanding them properly and changing their minds later. Newcomers who have not done their research are the most likely to make such mistakes. That said, even long-time players can forget how differently some professions worked in the past compared to the retail version. Even without any mistakes, players can change priorities over time, deciding to focus more on crafting or on gathering.


However, switching professions during play can also be a valid strategy. For example, many players use gathering professions as a source of income for early in the game. While they are leveling up and questing, it would only be efficient to harvest the resources in the area. Skinning in particular offers easy money. Upon hitting the endgame, those players can then switch to a lucrative crafting profession like Alchemy. There may be other such methods as well. The important takeaway is to plan out your professional progress in advance, but remember that the decisions you make are not permanent.

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