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Держись заглавья Кругозор!.. Наум Коржавин


Stop genocide! Close the sky over Ukraine

Our site created to inform the civilized world about the horrors of the war in Ukraine. The only thing that can stop the genocide now is the closure of the skies over Ukraine. Not a single Putin missile or bomb should fall on the heads of our children!

The site https://closetheskyoverukraine.com/ was created by an initiative group of patriots so anyone could see the whole truth about the brutal and ruthless war in Ukraine without propaganda: only real facts, only real numbers of the dead and real photos and videos from the scenes.

We could not stand aside while our cities are being destroyed, while our loved ones are being killed, while all the inhabitants of Ukraine are under the threat of rocket attacks, repressions, and deportations. This is not a special operation, this is a full-scale war, which we must stop. Ukraine has already won it, and Russia will continue to wash blood from its history for decades, and now it is necessary to make the most important breakthrough in the struggle for democracy and freedom not only in Ukraine, but in the entire free world.

This breakthrough—is the action of every person – but also of all mankind! It doesn’t matter who and where you are, each person can influence the outcome of the war and be involved in the victory of truth over false propaganda. The victory of peace and goodness over chaos and terror. From closing the sky to the complete elimination of the threat.

We update the main types of assistance daily on https://closetheskyoverukraine.com/, with a focus on each country:

  • Protests and actions in every corner of the globe;
  • Donations to official humanitarian aid funds and army support funds. Each fund is personally verified by us and published on official government resources. We do not fundraise ourselves;
  • Resources were citizens of any country can influence the decisions of politicians they have chosen directly by making both direct written requests and signing public petitions;
  • Spreading truthful information both in social media and among your friends. Together, we are strong!

Do not stand aside because this war was unleashed by an inadequate and crazy butcher Putin, who will never stop in Ukraine and can attack your country at any moment, destroy your home and kill your loved ones. If we don't get together and stop it together, then everyone will fight one-on-one with the enemy.

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Держись заглавья Кругозор!.. Наум Коржавин